Peanut Allergy Clinic

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The Peanut Allergy Clinic is a specialist private allergy service at Southampton Children’s Hospital.

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If you would like to book an appointment to have your child assessed for a peanut allergy, please
follow the links below to find a clinic that suits you. If your child already has a diagnosis of a peanut
allergy and you are ready to book an appointment to arrange an assessment to discuss the suitability
of peanut immunotherapy for your child, please book an appointment below.


One Hour Assessments –  £250

Allergy Skin Prick Testing – £75

Blood Tests – If your child needs a blood test then you will be told the price at the appointment as
the cost depends on lab charges and whether specialist component testing is needed to confirm the
likelihood of a peanut allergy (if there is any doubt over the diagnosis)

Peanut Immunotherapy – After it has been agreed that your child is a suitable candidate for peanut
immunotherapy, the cost of treatment is £16,000, which is divided into 12 monthly payments which
are paid over the first year. If your child has to stop immunotherapy for any reason, the payments
will stop.


Clinics Available

Dr Helen Evans-Howells has clinics which are based in Dorchester and Bournemouth.
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Dr Mich Lajenesse has a clinic at the Spire Hospital in Southampton.
To arrange an appointment Contact us.

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