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The Peanut Allergy Clinic is a specialist private allergy service at Southampton Children’s Hospital.

Who Are We & What We Do?

Hello and welcome to the Peanut Allergy Clinic!

If you are looking for a way to help your child live a safer life with peanut allergies, then you are in the right place. When peanut immunotherapy first became a licenced treatment in the UK at the end of 2021, we knew as a specialist allergy service, that this was a treatment we had to make available for our families. As a research centre, Southampton Children’s Hospital were involved in the research trials for peanut immunotherapy and many of the team had already seen first-hand a what a life changing medication this is. Peanut immunotherapy allows children with peanut allergies (and their families) to no longer live in constant fear that one bite of a food contaminated with peanuts, may trigger a catastrophic reaction. Imagine what this would mean for your family.

Our service is based at Southampton Children’s Hospital and appointments are carried out in the Children’s Outpatient Department. The atmosphere created by the team is calm, professional, and friendly. Any fears you may have about the treatment will quickly disappear when you are in the safe hands of our team. Many families remark on what a positive experience each appointment is.

Peanut immunotherapy is currently licenced for children aged 4 to 17yrs. Any families who are interested in this treatment for their child, will need to book an initial assessment with Dr Mich Lajeunesseor Dr Helen Evans-Howells. These assessments can be carried out in a private clinic in Bournemouth, Dorchester, or Southampton. At an initial appointment, our doctors will find out more about the allergy and confirm that a peanut allergy exists (with an allergy skin prick test or blood test). The treatment will be fully discussed with you and if everyone agrees that this is the right treatment option for your child, you will be given a date for immunotherapy to start.

Treatment is carried out every other Saturday morning at Southampton Children’s Hospital. Families travel from all over the South of the country to have treatment in our department. There are good rail, road, and boat options go get to us! Parking is never an issue at the hospital on a Saturday, and your parking will be refunded each time you visit. As well as this, you’ll get free Costa coffee vouchers each appointment to keep you fuelled for your morning.

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